United States Cannabis Coalition, John Morgan and Roger Stone

The United States Cannabis Coalition is an extraordinary collection of democrats, republicans and people of all perspectives that agree on one thing, the federal reform of marijuana laws. One of the coalition’s leaders is Florida’s own, John Morgan, who was a crucial part of Amendment 2 being added to the ballot in 2016 that brought medical marijuana to Florida. He is teaming up with a staunch republican in Roger Stone, who like Mr. Morgan, also is an advocate of medical marijuana.

With all of the divide that consistently exists in Washington D.C., it amazing to see the bipartisanship that the marijuana debate is creating. There are countless testimonials from patients of the benefits of medical cannabis, however there is not enough official research to reinforce the vouchers coming from patients. One of the largest obstacles preventing the research is that cannabis is listed as a Schedule 1 drug by the federal government which makes researchers nervous that they could be risking breaking the law or having grant funding taken from them.

The current executive administration of the United States makes cannabis advocates uneasy because despite President Trump claiming he would support state’s decisions concerning the legalization of cannabis, he nominated a strong opponent of legal marijuana as Attorney General in Jeff Sessions. Are you the type of person that supports scientific research to support beliefs, or are you content with your assumptions?

Two months ago Roger Stone, the longtime political advisor to President Trump, revealed that he was forming a new bipartisan coalition to defend state marijuana legalization laws. Earlier this week Stone, along with prominent Florida attorney John Morgan, offered more complete details about the makeup of that group, the United States Cannabis Coalition.

The USCC was created by the two men basically on the complete opposite side of politics from one another, to persuade federal decision makers—including the president—to support each states’ right to create its own cannabis laws.

Both Morgan and Stone have been longtime advocates for cannabis legalization. Morgan, who founded one of the country’s largest personal injury law firms, was largely responsible for bringing medical marijuana to Florida. Stone has been advocating for legalization throughout his political career.

The main goal of the group, according to its press release, is to urge President Trump to honor the pledge that he made several times during the 2016 campaign, that he would support each states’ authority to legalize the possession and sales of cannabis.

“I am highly confident that Donald Trump will protect the access of millions of Americans including our veterans who are currently using cannabis for medicinal purposes” said Stone, who has been a formal and informal advisor to Trump for more than 40 years. “I am confident the President will keep his pledge.”

According to the group, the coalition will also urge the President to change the classification of cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug.

“All Americans can and should come together to stop the war on marijuana. It can no longer be a Schedule 1 narcotic. Pain, disease, and mental illness don’t pick political parties – just people. This is the perfect issue for ‘strange bedfellows’ to come together on and WIN,” said Morgan.

There are people from all political parties in the coalition: Democrats and Republicans, liberals, conservatives, libertarians, moderates, and progressives.

Derrick Kitts, the former producer of NBC’s Morning Joe news show will serve as the Senior Consultant to the coalition, while the Executive Director will be Ryan Criscuolol of Denver.

In the coalition’s press release, Stone noted that Sessions had written Congress requesting authority to wage a crackdown on medicinal cannabis, while others in the White House have murmured that a crackdown could be coming.

“Attorney General Eric Holder’s directive on the subject chose to respect states’ rights.  Unbelievably, now Sessions and Kelly, egged on by the likes of Governor Chris Christie and the new FBI Director, want to void the Holder directive, revive the war on drugs, and prosecute those who are making legal medicinal marijuana available even though their boss has indicated that he doesn’t share their draconian views on the subject,” Morgan said in a statement.

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