Orlando Airport Prohibits Medical Marijuana While Ft. Lauderdale Airport Allows Cannabis with Proper Documentation

Orlando Airport Prohibits Medical Marijuana While Ft. Lauderdale Airport Allows Cannabis with Proper Documentation

The Orlando airport has banned any cannabis products from its property regardless of a person having a medical marijuana card with them. The state of Florida is not demanding that all airports ban cannabis on their properties but the Orlando airport has elected to ban it because it is a simple solution. Since marijuana is still a schedule 1 substance in the eyes of the federal government, fears remain in place despite Florida having legalized medical marijuana. Other airports like Ft. Lauderdale International airport have stated that they will permit marijuana on the premises as long as the individual can show proof of a medical marijuana card. Please check with the airport you are flying from or to in Florida to know their policies on carrying medical marijuana.

A draft policy published this week by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority would put medical marijuana users at risk of arrest when flying out of Orlando International Airport, despite 71 percent of Florida voters choosing to legalize weed for medical uses last November.

The draft policy seeks “to clarify that, despite the Florida constitutional amendment legalizing the use of Marijuana for medical purposes and the decriminalization of the possession of small amounts of Marijuana by the City of Orlando, Marijuana is prohibited from being brought onto Airport Property.”

It goes on to say marijuana, including items for medical use, will be confiscated going forward. And that “any person violating this provision will be detained or arrested by a Law Enforcement Officer.”

Among OIA’s 42 million visitors each year, the Transportation Security Administration doesn’t actively search for marijuana, a representative told Eyewitness News on Tuesday. But she said if agents find it, they’ll notify local law enforcement, who would then be acting under GOAA’s policies.

The draft proposal seeks to ban all forms of marijuana and its extracts, including items like the low-THC, high CBD medical cannabis Bruce Grossman relies on to fight chronic pain. He said he can’t imagine going on a trip without the medical marijuana.

“I would be in pain. Very simple,” Grossman said.

A GOAA spokesperson told Eyewitness News the authority’s legal team had determined federal funding received by the airport could be rescinded if the OIA began tolerating marijuana on site.

Though local laws and ordinances have legalized and decriminalized the drug in various capacities, federal law considers marijuana a Scheduled I narcotic. It contains no exceptions for alternative formulations or medical usage.

“I think it’s only a matter of time until things change,” Grossman said.

Eyewitness News asked whether airport officials whether waivers would be available for people who can’t leave their medication behind, but received no response Tuesday.

Representatives from the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport said if passengers have the proper documents, medical marijuana is allowed. And anyone at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport can have marijuana thanks to the state of Washington’s full legalization.

Ben Pollara, with United for Care, said since marijuana is being used by many people as a medicine, it should be treated that way by airport officials.

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