Organic Marijuana Dispensed by 3 Boys Farms in Florida

Organic Marijuana Dispensed by 3 Boys Farms in Florida

Organic marijuana is important because people ingest cannabis in multiple ways and should know what they are putting in their bodies. 3 Boys Farms has practiced environmentally safe and healthy cultivation and now have been granted one of the few licenses Florida is willing to part with.

Marijuana can have pesticides or other substance added to it that people may not want to put in their bodies. Lab testing would still need to be conducted because molds and fungus can still grow on organic marijuana. Have you ever thought about what else might be in your cannabis besides natural cannabinoids and terpenes?

RUSKIN, Fla. – 3 Boys Farm of Ruskin, Florida, are proud to announce that the Florida Department of Health has granted them a license to operate as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC). 3 Boys is now authorized to cultivate and dispense medical cannabis in accordance with Florida law.

Company president Robert Tornello said, “The most rewarding part of our two-year journey has been the relationship we’ve built with our dedicated team of medical and scientific experts.  These brilliant professionals have worked tirelessly on the continued development of our organic products. We have taken 3 Boys Farm’s award-winning, sustainable and environment-respecting facility, and adapted it for the growing and processing of cannabis as medicine.”

3 Boys Farm will use the same organic protocols as they do when growing organic vegetables, which means without pesticides; the MMTC will produce medical grade cannabis products.

Prior to this announcement, the Florida farm were growers of USDA-certified organic vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Their seed-to-table product safety methods consistently received top scores in the third-party audits required for product traceback and food safety certification.

Tornello said, “3 Boys Farm will offer Florida’s patients the safe, pesticide-free, organically-produced medical cannabis they’ve been waiting for. This organic product is not currently available from other producers.  Our team members’ experience and credentials, coupled with their deep knowledge of, and passion for, cannabinoid science, will bring the proven medical benefits of this wonderful plant to those who need it most. That has always been our mission at 3 Boys Farm. We intend to set new standards for safe, pure, tested cannabis medicine in Florida.”


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