Miami Beach Commissioner Holds Public Cannabis Dispensary Discussion

Miami Beach Commissioner Holds Public Cannabis Dispensary Discussion

Miami Beach Commissioner Holds Public Cannabis Dispensary DiscussionMiami Beach Commissioner, Michael Grieco, held public talks two days ago reviewing medical marijuana on the beach. The state of Florida recently implemented rules to expand medical marijuana access to many more patients after voters approved amendment 2 on the ballot last year.

Miami Beach considered banning any dispensaries after one of the state rules forced cities to zone dispensaries just as they zone pharmacies. The new rule forced city officials to scrap their original plans for zoning and considering the banning of dispensaries was the simplest route.

Since then, the city has reconsidered and are planning on using a lottery system to determine which dispensaries can fill the three vacant spots that would stretch from South Beach to North Miami Beach. Will legalized medical marijuana change the culture of Miami Beach?

Commissioner Michael Grieco is holding a public discussion about medical marijuana and what it means for the urban island city.

The event, called Open Mike, takes place 6-8 p.m. July 18 at the Miami Beach Golf Course, 2301 Alton Road.

The discussion will revolve around patient access, dispensaries and where they may be located.

Last month during an initial vote, city commissioners approved zoning maps for medical marijuana dispensaries, according to The Miami Herald.

That move would lead the way for the city to establish rules for three medical marijuana dispensaries to open in the city’s South, Middle and North Beach neighborhoods.

For example, a dispensary could be allowed on the north part of Fifth Street in South Beach. In Mid-Beach, a dispensary could open shop at Mount Sinai Medical Center or where Pine Tree Drive and 41st Street intersect.

In that same meeting, commissioners also approved creating a system to issue the business licenses for such dispensaries. A lottery system would be established to assign the three available licenses.

Grieco, who is running for city mayor, will host the discussion Tuesday. Refreshments will be served.

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