Medical Marijuana's Significance in Florida Goes Beyond Helping Patients

Medical Marijuana’s Significance in Florida Goes Beyond Helping Patients

Medical marijuana’s significance to the people of Florida has a much further reach than providing relief to chronic medical conditions. The illegal marijuana market is very prevalent in the state of Florida. The illegal market is not just unregulated, it has no standards what-so-ever. The marijuana produced illegally can be laced with all sorts of substances, be full of pesticides, be grown by anyone in almost any sort of conditions. It is a dangerous place to be involved, and not what people envision the way life should be. The legalization of medical marijuana creates the opportunity to create standards for the cannabis market.

A couple was arrested in Hialeah, Florida after their son went to school smelling like marijuana. When school officials reported the incident to the authorities, police tracked down the family and found them squatting in a home and living in squalor along with another 4-year-old boy. If the legalization of cannabis can clean up circumstances such as these, then there is one more benefit to the regulated market. Do you think the Florida law concerning medical marijuana should be expanded even further to allow even more patients access to legal medical cannabis?

A teacher with a keen nose led police in Hialeah, Fla., to a grow house after picking up the scent of marijuana on an 11-year-old student’s clothes, according to ABC News affiliate Local 10.

The boy reportedly gave his parents up when confronted by his teacher about the smell, admitting that marijuana plants were being grown inside his home.

After obtaining a search warrant, police entered the home to find that one of the two bedrooms had been transformed to support the hydroponic cultivation of the marijuana plants growing there.

10 of the potent plants, still illegal in Florida, were apparently seized in the raid.

Authorities told the publication they also discovered plastic baggies commonly used in the distribution of marijuana and other substances, digital scales, glass pipes and heat-seal vacuum machines in the house.

Local 10 reported that the other bedroom was housing both parents, the older child and a 4-year-old boy.

In addition to concerns about the grow house located within the home, police told the news station they were concerned about the children’s living conditions.

Limited quantities of food were found in the home. Police told Local 10 the refrigerator, which was full of mold and a few condiments, had been replaced by a small cooler.

Inside the cooler police said they found cheese, empty bottles and a smaller cooler with lemons, ketchup, butter and jelly inside.

The family was reportedly squatting inside the house.

Police told Local 10 the children are currently in state custody. Rolando Naranjo and Betsy Espinoza, the children’s parents, are currently in jail.

An arrest record for Naranjo, 41, shows he was arrested on charges of manufacturing a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of cannabis within 1,000 feet of school and possession of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.

Additional charges include child neglect.

Records linked to Espinoza could not be found, though Local 10 reported she’s facing the same charges as Naranjo.

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