Medical Marijuana Job Training Scheduled in Orlando, Tampa Bay & Deerfield Beach

Medical Marijuana Job Training Scheduled in Orlando, Tampa Bay & Deerfield Beach

Medical marijuana job training is being offered this weekend, August 26 & 27, in Tampa Bay on Saturday and Orlando on Sunday. There will be another training session in Deerfield Beach on September 23. Legal medical marijuana just started in Florida but it is growing fast and looks like it will be a very large industry that should create a lot of jobs for Florida.

Training is very necessary because the cannabis industry has a lot of rules and this is medicine after all. If you are interested in opportunities in the legal Florida medical marijuana industry you should consider researching it and see if it would be a good fit for you.

TAMPA, Fla. – HempStaff, a Florida-based medical marijuana recruiting and training agency continues its Medical Marijuana Dispensary Training courses across the state of Florida this weekend. Each location and date will have two sessions to choose from: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. or 1:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. The next class will be Saturday, Aug. 26 in Tampa at the Embassy Suites Airport Westshore, followed by Sunday, Aug. 27 in Orlando and the Embassy Suites International Drive Jamaican Court. HempStaff returns again with a class on Saturday, Sept. 23 in Deerfield Beach at the Doubletree on Fairway Drive.

The cost is $249 with prior online registration or $300 cash at the door if seats are still available. HempStaff started their training back in 2014 with class in Fort Lauderdale and Orlando. Since that time HempStaff has trained over 2,800 Budtenders nationwide across the country in Illinois, Nevada, Arizona, New England, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Recently SB 8 was passed in the legislature and signed by Gov. Rick Scott. This established the regulatory laws for Amendment 2, which passed with 71% last November. The current seven cultivators under the Compassionate Act can immediately start supplying their dispensaries with products for patients with recommendations under the Amendment 2 conditions. In just the past couple weeks, the State of Florida approved five more cultivators, now allowing 12 to start cultivating immediately. The state will also issue an additional five licenses by October 2017. Each of these 17 licensed cultivators can have up to 25 dispensaries state-wide. This allows for up to 425 dispensaries in the state of Florida; in addition, more licenses and dispensaries will be added once the patient count exceeds 100,000 patients  So Florida has one of the best medical marijuana opportunities in the nation.

The course offers participants training about cannabis and cannabis products along with all the information to keep up-to-date with the Florida medical marijuana laws. HempStaff offers a resume review to help best prepare students who are seeking employment after this course as well. The end of the course offers a certification exam, that the student must score at least 75 percent to earn their HempStaff Dispensary Agent Certification. HempStaff is also a recruiting agency so when employers seek to fill entry level dispensary agents or cultivation site workers, students are contacted first.

Those who have already taken the HempStaff course have provided exceptional feedback about the training. “I was just so happy to finally learn something about the medical uses and confirm my limited knowledge (and provide much more knowledge),” notes one recent participant. “Thank you so much for the professionalism each presenter and other staff displayed. You are the ones who can help fan the flames of legitimacy in this field so thank you!”

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