Marijuana Dosing Technology Coming to Florida Medical Marijuana Patients

An important topic in the discussion of medical marijuana is how much cannabis the patient should be consuming. While science has taken some steps in learning what can be an effective amount of medical marijuana to consume, the research is still ongoing and is not really being applied in the industry. When a Florida medical marijuana patient meets with a certified physician, the physician inputs into the Medical Marijuana Use Registry the amount of medical marijuana the patient can purchase over a 70 day period. Once the patient acquires the medical marijuana, there is nothing to allow them to take exact measurements of the amount of vape they are inhaling. Marijuana dosing is an important part of the equation. It could be that patients need a certain amount of CBD at one time of day and a combination of CBD and THC at another time of day. Liberty Health Sciences has taken steps to improve marijuana dosing methods by working with Resolve Digital Health. Do you know enough about Florida’s medical marijuana program?

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (CSE: LHS) (OTCBB: LHSIF) (“Liberty” or the “Company”) today announced an exclusive partnership with Resolve Digital Health Inc. (“Resolve”), a cutting edge developer of medical cannabis delivery systems and devices. The partnership will see Resolve’s industry-leading smart inhalation products exclusively distributed through Liberty within the state of Florida, subject to approval of the same by the Florida Department of Health, Office of Medical Marijuana Use as is required under Florida law.

Liberty is committed to delivering high-quality, clean and safe pharmaceutical grade cannabis to patients in need and this partnership represents yet another important step in enhancing the patient experience. Resolve’s smart technology is based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms that track patient usage data through a mobile application to facilitate sharing with doctors, pharmacists and other caregivers, and allows patients and health care professionals to monitor the efficacy of treatment in order to continuously improve their medical cannabis experience.

Our partnership with Resolve further supports our commitment to being industry leaders in the medical cannabis space by offering our patients innovative and safe methods to inhale cannabis. The Aphria brand is dedicated to patient well-being which makes the Resolve inhaler a perfect addition to our product portfolio. We’re very pleased to be partnering with Resolve to bring their state-of-art technology, and a heightened understanding of patients’ needs to the Florida market.

Resolve is committed to establishing the highest standard of care in the medical cannabis industry. Breeze Smart Inhalers, their metered-dose based vaporizer, works in conjunction with the Breeze App to provide a patent-pending adaptive dosing function. This allows patients to vary their dose based on their current levels of pain and through machine learning analysis of their activity patterns, time of day, local weather conditions, sleep history and other collected and reported data.

Like Liberty, Resolve’s top priority is patient care, and we’re excited to be able to provide a truly unique medical service to patients in Florida thanks to this partnership. Liberty’s market expertise makes them the perfect partner to help provide patients with a sophisticated medical cannabis experience.

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. (“Liberty”) is an investor and operator in the medical cannabis market, capitalizing on new and existing opportunities in U.S. states where medical cannabis is legal. Liberty’s stringent investment criteria for expansion maximizes returns to shareholders, while focusing on significant near and mid-term opportunities. Liberty has an extensive background in highly regulated industries, with expertise in becoming a low-cost producer. Liberty leverages commercial greenhouse knowledge to deliver high-quality, clean and safe pharmaceutical grade cannabis to patients.

Resolve Digital Health is positioned to be the leading provider of a metered dosing ecosystem for medical cannabis devices. The company’s proprietary technology, apps and cloud-based health information platform, found in Resolve’s debut product Breeze, address the numerous issues with currently available methods of cannabis delivery – establishing a standard of care and rigorous medical approach for the medical cannabis industry. With over three years of research and development, the complete product ecosystem will be initially available in select dispensaries in early 2018. For more information, visit:

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