Florida passes smokeable marijuana

Florida Medical Marijuana Program Expands to Allow Smokeable Flower

Smokeable Cannabis Flower has been enacted into Florida law for a few months and dispensaries have been selling the marijuana like it’s going out of style. The tough thing for Florida medical marijuana patients is that there is a separate process for getting approved to buy smokeable cannabis by a doctor. Being that the current Florida law states that a medical marijuana license is good for 9 months, some patients are waiting until they have to renew their card to be able to buy the cannabis flower from dispensaries.

Dispensaries have been capitalizing on the law by offering smokeable flower across the entire state. We have seen pricing as economical as $32 per eighth of marijuana, which is about as aggressive as we have seen in any state.

The good thing for Florida MMJ patients is that flower will ultimately get cheaper over time. The more that the Florida medical marijuana program expands, the more likely it is that multi-state operators (MSOs) in the cannabis industry will start to grow cannabis in the sunshine state. If Oregon is an example for the rest of the country, then we could hopefully see $1 grams for sale in the near future!

Got questions about the ever changing Florida MMJ program? Reach out to us and we can connect you with a Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor that you can trust.