Florida Board of Medicine Deciding on Medical Marijuana this Week

Florida Board of Medicine Deciding on Medical Marijuana this Week

Florida Board of Medicine is meeting this week and deciding on some key factors on qualified medical marijuana physicians in the state. The implementation of medical marijuana laws has been a slow process, though many of them are already in place. The state has also issued two more licenses for dispensaries. Have you looked into how to get a medical marijuana card in the state of Florida?

Florida health regulators will weigh in on several key cannabis issues this week, with the state Board of Medicine scheduled to vote on rules for doctors who recommend medical marijuana.

A chief issue is how how to handle disciplinary actions around medical cannabis recommendations, local WUSF News reports. Under proposed rules, physicians who improperly recommend cannabis could be placed on probation or have their license revoked, and they could face fines of $1,000 to $5,000. Under the proposal, sanctions could take effect on a doctor’s first offense.

The board has also been working on a consent form that doctors would present to patients throughout the state. It would warn cannabis patients against getting behind the wheel of a vehicle after consuming cannabis—medical or not.

The state also announced on Wednesday that two more medical marijuana businesses received licenses from the state. The state Health Department issued licenses to Tornello Landscape—also known as “3 Boys Farm”—and Plants of Ruskin, both of which are located in Ruskin, FL.

Another three licenses are set to be awarded, the department says. According to the Sun Sentinel, those licenses will go to Loop’s Nursery and Greenhouses in Jacksonville, Treadwell Nursery in Eustis, and Arcadia-based Sun Bulb Nurseries.

When Florida residents voted overwhelmingly in November to expand the state’s limited medical marijuana program, seven licenses were originally granted to cannabis operators. The state is handing out more because of a law approved by the state Legislature during special session last month. The law added several qualifying conditions for medical marijuana and expanded the number of  licenses in order to accommodate increased demand from the influx of an estimated 500,000 new patients.

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