Florida Based, Pop Craft, to Sell Premium Popsicles Infused with CBD

Florida Based, Pop Craft, to Sell Premium Popsicles Infused with CBD

If you have never tried a Pop Craft popsicle out of one of their air streams that have been cruising central Florida for years, you have been missing out. They are an all natural product that will give you a whole new perspective on popsicles. Pop Craft is teaming with Blu Dog Inc., to create CBD infused popsicles now too.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in marijuana and it is also found in hemp. The United States federal government allows CBD extracts from hemp and those products can be sold legally throughout the country. CBD has show that it can provide pain relief and reduce anxiety and it is becoming more common to find CBD infused products like gummy bears and tinctures. Target was even considering selling a CBD product but withdrew the intent. Would you try a CBD infused Pop Craft popsicle?

Pop Craft is a business based in Sarasota, Florida, committed to creating delicious, wholesome small-batch frozen confections. Pop Craft products are made with lots of love and the best quality ingredients.

When Pop Craft began in 2009, they sold their pops at local farmers markets and special events. Their popularity quickly grew and in 2012 they opened their first retail store. As their wholesale distribution continues to expand, together with requests for Pop Craft around the country, they have expanded again to include an online store making Pop Craft accessible nationwide.

Once you taste their pops, you will be hooked on the innovative flavor combinations, as well as the peace of mind knowing you are enjoying a healthy treat.

INCC has negotiated an expansion of its licensing rights with Brooks Kelly Research to include an exclusive right to distribute products for the Pop Craft brand.  BluDog Products intends to co-brand many premium products.

“My vision is to see a ‘BluDog Inside’ logo on a premium product’s packaging indicating that it contains the highest quality and smartest CBD delivery system.  Analogous to buying a PC or a laptop and seeing the ‘INTEL inside’ sticker,” said Antonio Uccello, President INCC.

“This will further allow us to develop CBD products that improve potency and bio-availability.  This is done through using flavorful citrus terpenes that also function as enzyme inhibitors. The enzyme inhibitors reduce the first pass metabolism of CBD in the body.  Smaller amounts of CBD yield improved effects over a longer period of time.  The solubility of CBD is more readily stabilized, the flavor of the product is enhanced, and the customer experiences longer lasting effects,” said Antonio Uccello, President INCC.

BluDog Products is strategically introducing a water-soluble CBD oil super food and wellness drinks (with an extended release formulation) that are easily absorbed. Using a licensed, patented CBD delivery system BluDog’s CBD products are an alternative over-the-counter therapeutic option to help relieve post-sports inflammation as well as promote relaxation and well-being. BluDog’s CBD products interact naturally with the body’s anti-inflammatory system without any known side effects.

International Consolidated Companies (INCC) was founded in 2002. INCC is focused on acquiring and growing businesses that offer innovation, quality, and cost-efficient Cannabis technologies.

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